So you decided to go back to basics, and that now includes raising your own chickens for fresh eggs.  Maybe, you just buy a dozen farm fresh eggs from the local farmer’s market or from the honor box in your neighborhood.  However you come upon those fresh local eggs, there lies a dilemma as to how to calculate the size of each egg.  You could use a modern digital scale, although where is the fun in that?


This wonderful Acme Egg Grading Scale was a find at the Brimfield Flea Market,  with a patent dated June 24, 1924.  At almost one hundred years old, the scale still works beautifully.  The sizing ranges from 19 to 30 with fins that extend in a fan style as the eggs increase in weight.  The egg-shaped cup on the right gently cradles the egg being weighed.


This would have been a much-needed tool for the small farmer with a variety of hens.  Using a scale such as this would have made it faster and much more accurate for farmers to grade their eggs.  Small eggs ranged from 19-21, medium 21-24, large 24-27 and extra-large 27-30.  A necessity on the farms of the 1920s, today a fun piece to appreciate eggsactly as it is!

©Susan Brassard,, August 10, 2018