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Campfire Cooking Campfire Cooking

Many folks will be heading out next week to celebrate the July 4th holiday.  The tradition for my family has become a yearly pilgrimage to the campgrounds of Old Orchard
Beach in Maine.  Whether camping in a tent or a trailer, one does not have to suffer a fate of endless peanut butter sandwiches and with a little pre-trip effort camp food can be fabulous!

Here are some basic tips to spruce up your campfire meals:

* Portion meats into zip-top bags or tightly sealed water proof containers enough for one family meal, remember to label them with permanent marker.

*  Pack meats such as beef, chicken, sausage or shrimp into quart sized zip top bags, add in flavorful marinades and/or seasonings, then freeze for a minimum of 24 hours at home before packing into coolers.

* The frozen meats will slowly thaw to refrigerator temperature over a…

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